Cobalt Consumer Index (11.16.21)

The following contains our view on the market and the interesting dynamics that inform our investing in consumer technology businesses

Welcome to the 4th edition of the Cobalt Consumer Index (CCI). As consumer investors we are constantly evaluating different business models and are tracking the growth of the industry as a whole.

The following contains our view on the market and the interesting dynamics that inform our investing in consumer technology businesses. We categorize the consumer industry into five buckets: Subscriptions, Marketplaces, E-Commerce, Consumer Social and Gaming.

Top 10 Companies by EV / NTM Revenue Multiple

Updates from 11.1.21 publish: EV/NTM has increased across both Mean and Median from 19.1x to 20.9x and 16.0x to 17.5x, respectively. There are two new entrants as Etsy and DoorDash have entered the Top 10 while Match and Roku have exited.

We value consumer businesses on a multiple of Last Twelve Months (LTM) and Next Twelve Months (NTM) revenue. Multiples shown are calculated by taking the Enterprise Value / NTM revenue. In addition, we separated multiples by time period and by growth rate. High growth businesses are growing 40% NTM revenue; Mid-growth businesses are growing 20% NTM revenue, and Low-growth are less than 20% growth rate.

Summary of All Multiples

Updates from 11.1.21 publish: Mean and Median have decreased from 6.4x to 6.3x and 4.7x to 4.1x, respectively.

Breakdown of Historic Multiples

Multiples by Category

We have separated the multiples and outputs by subsector. On the upper end, consumer social commands the highest EV/NTM multiples, while e-commerce commands the lowest multiples.

Multiples by Growth Category

Subsector Output

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Written by Ben Futoriansky and Alvin Wei.

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